I still ache, though I know not what from.

I have never felt such distress.

When one has gone through so much in such a short amount of time, it is most difficult to be sure what is troubling us at all. 

And we wonder, will it always be this way?

Is it an eternal pain?

I wish I could share with you the answer.

But all I know, dear, is that it’s there.

And that I can not sleep at night, the thoughts race too fast.

The sheep scurry away, sick and tired of being used this way.

“What is so boring about sheep?” they saay

“We are more than objects to be counted. 

Ideas, memories, loved ones.” 

We want to be comfortable when we sleep, so we count sheep.

Surrounding ourselves with memories.

Bury your face in their wool next time.

You know not what will come tomorrow,

So treasure today the memories that you made yesterday.

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